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February 3, 2011

Decision making, Objective setting

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The New Straits Times on Wednesday 2 Feb reported about Zaid’s big dreams for KITA.  I do not want to delve into the politics of the story.  What interest me about the story is the objective set by Zaid for KITA.

Zaid of course was formerly the Law Minister brought into the Cabinet by the former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi via the conferment of Senatorship.  Zaid had immediately shown that he cannot be a team player.  During his term, he had several times announced action plans and initiatives that had yet to be presented to the Cabinet and thus caused embarrassment to the Prime Minister.  Yet, being the weak PM that Abdullah Badawi was, Zaid’s actions were tolerated to the extent that his actions mirrored those of the Opposition.

Zaid was then brought into PKR by Anwar Ibrahim.  But it soon became apparent that he was still the maverick.  He tried to ‘legitimise’ Pakatan Rakyat, hitherto an unofficial loose coalition of opposition parties, by drafting a constitution and submitting an application for its registration to the ROS.  Zaid was the protem Chairman of that protem Committee.  Ostensibly Zaid maintained that when the application is approved, the chairmanship (or President) would revert to Anwar Ibrahim, the current de facto leader.  The problem of course was that such actions had not
been discussed nor endorsed by the Pakatan Rakyat leadership.  It became clear in the following days that Zaid received no support for his actions.

Zaid resigned from PKR and is now the head of KITA.  Zaid certainly had ambitious plans for KITA.  At a recent press conference, he announced that ‘KITA’s aim is to become the country’s main opposition party.’  He had given a time frame of 15 to 20 years to achieve that ambition.

In answer to his critics, Zaid reportedly responded ‘Have I done anything that failed?  I have had many setbacks but I have not failed.’

I have only one comment.  For a person who aspires to achieve greatness for the country, Zaid has demonstrated yet again that he is actually narrow-minded, lacks vision and is without wisdom.

I fail to understand why anybody would enter politics just to be in Opposition.  Such objective setting smacks of inferiority complex and a confused mind.  Politicians are in the Opposition because their party had not received sufficient votes to be the Government.  They do not want to be in the Opposition.  Except Zaid.

And Zaid dreamt that KITA will be the main Opposition party in 15 to 20 years.  Actually timing is immaterial in this case.  But the plans are.  Since the target is 15 to 20 years time, it would be interesting to know his plans.

What projects does he have and can implement now that will influence the school kids and university students today who will be of voting age by that time?  Does he have any at all?

But then again it does not really matter does it? He actually wants to be in the Opposition.  Such targets are unfortunately easily achievable without much planning.


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